Jenny Tian

Jenny Tian is a Sydney-based stand-up comedian, actress and content creator garnering a strong following on TikTok.

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  • Location: Sydney
  • Status: Open for collaborations

Jenny Tian is a Sydney-based stand-up comedian, actress and content creator.

Known for her straight shooter attitude, Jenny hits the nail on the head with observations about everyday Australia.

She’s loud, a little bit rude and loves fruit – much like a native Australian bird.


Jenny was featured in The Daily Telegraph as one of the 'Must follow TikTok accounts to get you through lockdown'.

She is revered for her rants on Microsoft Word’s many failings and her questionable decision to attempt a home haircut based off a TikTok tutorial.

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Jenny recently wrote a fun piece for The Guardian — the funniest things I have ever seen (on the Internet). No spoilers — check out the link below!

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