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Your brand challenges the status quo, and we understand your need to connect with the right influencers to promote your brand to the right audience.

As an Influencer Marketing Agency with a significant background in Talent Management and Digital Marketing, we bring your brand unmatched experience and know-how.

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Talent Experts

Our specialty is exactly the platform others don’t know. Put your brand in front of millions on the exploding TikTok platform. Gain access to several large TikTok stars under our own management, and a wealth of experience running successful campaigns.

Talent Access

Benefit from our in-house talent management giving you unrivalled access to the biggest stars. Our in-house creative team allows you unlimited options to create a wildly successful Influencer Marketing campaign from scratch.

Connecting you with
the Right Influencers

And vice versa. Connect your brand with the talent you need, and tell compelling stories through highly engaging content. We do everything we can to ensure that your brand, the talent, and their audience are a match made in heaven.


Benefit from our extensive experience across all social media platforms.

Brands We Work With

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The Neuralle Method

Your Influencer Marketing solution is carefully tailored to suit your brand. With you, we design a custom personalised solution that works.

Our approach allows you the freedom and flexibility to select the components you require, and adjust as you grow.


Option 1 $1,250
Brief & Agreement Creation
Talent Selection
Option 2 $2,500
Brief & Agreement Creation
Talent Selection
Paid Media Plan
Option 3 $5,000
Brief & Agreement Creation
Talent Selection
Paid Media Plan
Extended Research


Talent Communication
Brief Management
Creative Feedback
Engagement Management

Campaign Management from $700 per week

Connect your brand with millions
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