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We help consumer brands grow attention with influencers by designing, scaling, and optimising an Influencer Marketing Program.

Because we manage our
own stable of talent, we understand what it takes to manage an influencer marketing campaign – on both sides of the coin.

Partner with an expert influencer marketing agency that understands your needs.

Why partner with influencers?

Influencers are parasocial
Early paid ads are tough; nurturing cold leads all the way down to super hot converters.

Influencers have an immediate relationship with their audience, helping you skip the queue for brand building. Leverage the power of influencer partnerships to foster trust.
Influencers are low hanging fruit
Low hanging fruit marketing options are an obvious ROI.

In a digital world, influencers are your next best option to a paid ad or organic social strategy.

Plus, they're at a budget much more affordable than Billboards, TV Commercials, Events, Partnerships or Radio.
Influencers give you long-term growth
 The typical cycle for an ecomm brand is to scale your sales volume, but what you need over time is
brand growth to increase margins and client retention.

Influencers give you that long-term brand growth.

Our work

See why Alanna from Green Nation Life, trusts Neuralle, a leading influencer marketing agency, with her influencer marketing strategy and implementation.

Neuralle logo symbolizing Australia's premier influencer marketing and influence marketing services.

See why Alanna from Green Nation Life, trusts Neuralle with her influencer marketing strategy and implementation.

What we specialise in

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Influencer Marketing Solutions

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User Generated
Content Creative & Collaboration

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Influencer Gifting
& Product Seeding Services

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TikTok Strategy
& Influencer Campaign Optimisation

How we operate

You'll be looked after by one of our amazing Talent Associates who will lead your account with support from the Creative team, to maximise execution of your influencer marketing initiatives.

The core team

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Jordan Michaelides
Director & Talent Manager
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Lauren Michaelides
Creative Director
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Jacqui Heggen
Senior Associate Talent Manager
A photo of Ainsley Coote smiling
Ainsley Coote
Creative Associate
A photo of Pat with a cowboy hat
Pat Doherty McKenzie
Associate Talent Manager
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Branch Schupervisor

Brands we've worked with

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