Creative Talent Case Studies,
for Consumer Brands.

You’re on this page because you need reassurance through
case studies, that we can do the work.

We get that. At some point in the sales process,
your mind will switch from risk-taking to risk-averse behaviour.

You want to know that your boss won't crack it at you for choosing the wrong agency,
or that making a decision with the wrong agency could lose you money, rather than make you money.

This is a unique pivot in the buying process for service industries due to the cost associated.

The advertising industry is one of the few professional services where clients ask for testimonials or proof of work, it doesn’t happen for Architects, Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers, and other professional service thinkers.

Why? Likely because anyone can start an agency overnight and you want to be
sure you're not working with someone dodgy.

Case studies require us to constantly update a page that is almost immediately out of date.

It’s laborious and pulls us away from more valuable thinking that our clients pay us for.

So instead, we’ve built a combination of tools to help you work out whether we can work together, including:


TikTok x Ocean Week

TikTok and Totem Global partnered with Jordy Wilson (@outdoorkindaguy) on a 1-hour Livestream series for Ocean Week 2021 to produce TikTok Ad Creative along with our guidance.


Engagement Rate


Unique Users engaged on a live session

Australian Beauty School

Our ongoing aim with Australian Beauty School and My Learning Online is to increase their overall following and engagement on their newly refreshed TikTok page.

We work across:

  • Managing and creating organic content

  • Producing TikTok Ad Creative

  • UGC Talent Briefing

  • TikTok Ad Platform Management

  • Refreshing of creative


Conversion Rate


Cost per lead



The client was surprised to see such a discrepancy of price between TikTok and Meta where you'd be seeing a $36 cost per lead and CPM of $9.

Butter Butter

We worked with the team to increase their ROAS and develop relationships with content creator and UGC talent alike. Our responsibilities included:

  • Producing TikTok Ad Creative

  • UGC Talent Briefing

  • TikTok Ad Platform Management

  • Refreshing of creative


was achieved during the campaign time


Working closely with the owners, their focus was to increase sales across TikTok as a new-comer to the platform and creative more organic, real content. We worked on:

  • Producing TikTok Ad Creative

  • UGC Talent Briefing

  • TikTok Ad Platform Management

  • A/B testing campaigns


was achieved during the campaign time

Skin Citizen

Our strategy was to create an effective influencer campaign that develops authority and boosts organic reach of Skin Citizen's brand new TikTok channel. Our main focuses included:

  • Selection of suitable content creators & briefs

  • TikTok Organic Content Research and Strategy

  • TikTok Organic Content Creation

  • TikTok Organic Profile Management (Commenting, Liking, Engaging)


increase in Video Views


TikTok growth rate