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Welcome to Neuralle. We represent some of the fastest growing talent in Acting, Comedy & Music.

Our business prioritises thought-out, strategic advisory, over short-term brand monetisation.

Your career in media can only be as long as you evolve through the industry, so work with a team that wants to see you sticking around in 10 years time.

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The average career of a social media creator is 18 months, and for more established mediums like TV & Music, it’s just 5 years. Our primary aim is to ensure that your career is as long as possible, and we make decisions that are in your long-term best interest to develop the business of your brand.

“By far the best group of people I've ever met and had the privilege to work with. Nothing but good words for Neuralle and everyone apart of it.”

– Jordy Wilson, Photographer

Expanding your opportunity

The aim of expanding the longevity of your career only really begins at brand deals. We don’t want you to be a flash in the pan, because it’s in both of our interests. Through monthly strategy sessions we bring forward ideas on how you can utilise your audience for a long-term career. Whether it’s content package development, unique partnerships, original IP or an eCommerce product.

“Feeling like you are an important part of the team is something really crucial to me and at Neuralle I feel like I am valued within a great family. Compared to many other agencies where you are just another notch in the book”

– Will Gibb, Comedian

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