Talent Management in Australia.

Neuralle is Melbourne's fastest growing Talent Management Agency, with a focus on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube and Creative.

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Why Talent?

Talent Experts

Our specialty is managing TikTok talent, where other agencies won't.

Creators Create

We ensure all marketing, deals and logistics are in order letting content creators do what they do best: create!

Getting It

Through our expertise and connections as a creative agency, we have no limits on what can be done for our talent roster.


Working across key social platforms, we ensure content creators have access and assistance, so campaigns run smoothly.

How we've implemented it


Jordan Michaelides

Managing Director

Jordan holds a unique skillset in growth roles across finance & fintech businesses.
As the host of Uncommon, Jordan has developed an eye for asking the right question at the right time.

Jordan leads the team in product & strategy.

Lauren Lopatko

Creative Director

Lauren has vast experience as a creative at both Big 4 agencies & corporate creative teams.
As the producer of Uncommon, Lauren can identify the mechanics of what it takes to operate a modern brand.

Lauren leads the team in all elements of Creative & Production.

Giulia Mirabile

Client Strategist

Giulia leads Neuralle's management & strategy for all clients, with a strong background in content creation & social.

Jacob Smith

Associate Producer

Jacob works alongside the production team to ensure quality is always the priority across our podcast and video content.

With an eagerness to learn and improve, Jacob is a key asset to our production team.

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