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We help consumer brands grow attention with User Generated Content
by designing, scaling, and optimising a UGC Marketing Program.

Why UGC?

The content is quick to produce
Talent and quality creative is ubiquitous in an age where everyone has the newest iPhone.

So our core focus is speed of delivery for UGC.
Without compromising on quality
We focus on a strategy that finds best quality talent at the budget we’ve set
our packages, providing value overall.
UGC creators understand ecomm
It’s crucial that the talent understand the product niche for e-comm brands,
so we only suggest those from our database of 1,000 creators that we know can nail the brief.

Our work

What we specialise in

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UGC Marketing

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Content Creative

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Creator Gifting
& Product Seeding

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TikTok Strategy
& Optimisation

How we operate

You'll be looked after by one of our amazing Talent Associates who will lead your account with support from the Creative team, to maximise execution of your influencer marketing strategy.

The team

A photo of Jordan Michaelides smiling
Jordan Michaelides
Director & Talent Manager
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Lauren Michaelides
Creative Director
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Jacqui Heggen
Talent Associate
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Ainsley Coote
Creative Assistant

Our clients

Get results.

Utilise UGC marketing with us.