PR for consumer brands.

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We help consumer brands get noticed with PR.
The logical next step when you’ve nailed organic social and influencers.
Or when your niche has been cut off from Meta & TikTok Ads.

Why PR?

Make news, don’t wait for it
One of the fatal mistakes of most PR is to stay within the lines, and ultimately not be newsworthy.

Get out of your comfort zone with us, to ensure that media even wants to speak to you in this age of content abundance.

Do that, and you’re on to a winner!
PR is targeted
Applying lessons learned as talent managers, we’ll work with you to define a newsworthy PR strategy
that targets your niche across print, radio, TV and digital.

Ultimately finding the right journos for the job.
PR gives you "eyeballs"
When you get a story hooked in with the media, PR is the highest reward medium you can invest in.

But it’s also the highest risk for getting no results.

Get a story hooked in with the media, and you’ll win an exceptional amount of attention.

Our features

What we offer

  • Full Service PR (pitches, revisions, mail blasts)
  • News Briefings and Reports

How we operate

A PR Executive will lead your account with support from a Social Creative to maximise execution of your PR strategy.

Directors will sit behind the scenes for quality control and reviewing top-line strategy.

The core team

A photo of Jordan Michaelides smiling
Jordan Michaelides
Director & Talent Manager
A photo of Lauren Michaelides smiling
Lauren Michaelides
Creative Director
A photo of Jacqui Heggen smiling
Jacqui Heggen
Senior Associate Talent Manager
A photo of Ainsley Coote smiling
Ainsley Coote
Creative Associate
A photo of Jessie smiling
Jessie Hillel
Talent Assistant
A photo of Smokey smiling
Branch Manager

Our clients

Get eyeballs.

Utilise PR with us.