Frenchy is a multi-talented Content Creator working as a comedian, actor, podcaster & YouTuber.

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  • Location: Sydney
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Frenchy — a former school teacher — is a multi-talented Content Creator working as as a comedian, actor, podcaster & YouTuber.

In 2013 he started his YouTube channel 'SungaAttack' which took off in Australia and NZ especially.

Building upon the success of his online profile, in 2014 Frenchy started touring his stand-up comedy shows which feature his charming, self-deprecating style of humour. He has performed in London, Edinburgh and all around Australia & New Zealand and sold over 20,000 tickets.


Melbourne International Comedy Festival comedian Q&A: Frenchy, Turn It Up.

Don’t let the name fool you, Frenchy is rude, rogue Aussie comedy at its best.

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Comedian Frenchy is coming to Mackay for a laugh and a 'shoey.

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Filthy 'Frenchy' not ​to all tastes.

Review from The Melbourne International Comedy Festival ​FRENCHY: TURN IT UP.

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100 Of Australia’s Biggest Comedians Are The Latest To Call On Malcolm Turnbull To #LetThemStay

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Wollongong comedian Frenchy on bringing rude back.

Wollongong comedian Ben 'Frenchy' French swept to fame with a video poking fun at his home town. Now touring nationally, he's bringing his blue comedy back to where it all started, and on one very big stage.

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This Sydney bartender sounds EXACTLY like Thor – and the video is hilarious!

​Aussie comedian Frenchy has made the ultimate discovery when he stumbled into a Sydney bar only to realise the local bartender sounded exactly like Chris Hemsworth.

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