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Shamini Rajarethnam of Rationale

By Jordan Michaelides
Shamini Rajarethnam of Rationale

Shamini Rajerethnam is CEO of skincare brand Rationale. 

Originally joining the business in 2011 as the Marketing and Digital Coordinator, she made her way up the ladder through various positions to end up finally sitting in the CEO’s chair. 

Having worked in so many positions within Rationale, she has gained a truly unique insight into the business, that not many other CEOs could say they share within their own organisations. And as she says, it is one of her greatest strengths as a leader.

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00:04 – Welcome to Uncommon
00:23 – Guest introduction
00:31 – Honorary Greek status
02:41 – Singapore: last visit & childhood
05:18 – From Singapore to Australia: culture shock
10:57 – Principles from her parents
17:08 – Highs and lows from her early career
20:27 – Golden principles from climbing the Rationale ladder
27:21 – Rationale: going B2B to D2C
34:01 – Skincare chat
36:58 – Rationale’s strength 
39:52 – What stays the same in skincare
41:50 – Skincare: functional and aspirational?
44:01 – The future of Rationale post-Shamini & Richard
49:24 – Tips for balance: children & business
53:59 – Lessons from Athan
57:04 – Morning & evening routine
57:50 – Show recommendations
59:39 – Best purchase under $200