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This is how you NEED to market small business in 2021

By Jordan Michaelides

Are you marketing correctly?

Running an agency, I see a lot of prospective clients who ask “what should I do when marketing my small business?”.

Most issues in marketing a small business come down to the fact that people haven’t properly honed in on their product (firstly), and haven’t learnt the basic of marketing (second).

Many entrepreneurs chase fads, with other “entrepreneurs” offering courses and the newest coolest social platform in the hope of solving their problems.

In this video I breakdown, dispel, and lay out how you should be looking to marketing your small business in 2021.

The basics may not have changed, but the platforms have and as such I outline which tools and metrics you should be using to evaluate and use in the creation of your marketing campaign.

Watch the video below to find out how.

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