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Detch Singh of Hypetap and AiMCO

By Jordan Michaelides
Detch Singh of Hypetap & AiMCO

Detch Singh is the CEO of technology driven influencer marketing agency Hypetap and Chair for Australian Influencer Marketing Council (AiMCO): an organisation that seeks to establish and maintain best practices for the influencer marketing industry.

Coming from a finance background, Detch found the influencer marketing industry through a former partner who had found some success in posting on Instagram. He realised that his partner wouldn’t always post about the products that brands were sending her and saw this as an opportunity to help build a service to help these brands better maintain their professional relationships with influencers.

Today, Hypetap has grown and evolved to be one of the most initiative agencies  in Australia, if not the world, for influencer marketing with proprietary technology making up much of its DNA.

Detch, a relatively private person on social media, understands that there needs to be proper guidelines for the influencer marketing industry if it wants to continue flourishing. Leading him to becoming the inaugural Chair of AiMCO – the Australian Influencer Marketing Council.

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00:25 – Guest introduction
00:46 – Beverage of choice & the Peugeot ad
03:31 – Earliest memory
06:23 – Coming to Australia & childhood principles
12:03 – Hypetap: founding & evolution
15:45 – How Hypetap works
22:39 – What hasn’t changed in the industry?
25:25 – Hypetap market position
31:58 – Most challenging briefs
34:18 – Influencer industry: perceptions & professionalism
42:11 – How can talent managers do better?
48:35 – The future of Hypetap
52:26 – Detch’s industry favourites
55:47 – Detch’s ideal question


Produced by Neuralle 

Host – Jordan Michaelides

Executive Producer – Lauren Lopatko

Producer, Videography and Audio Engineering – Jacob Smith