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#144: Tokidoki Traveller on how a street potato made her love Japan

By Jordan Michaelides

Emma Felice aka Tokidoki Traveller is a YouTuber, Host at Tokyo Creative, Twitch Streamer and all-round Nintendo gamer girl.

Representing Australia in the most important category of “J-Vlogger”, this Paul Rudd-loving former emo from Brisbane is what we all need in our life. 

She’s my equal favourite YouTuber in Japan (along with Chris Broad), and has given both Lauren and I a perspective on Japanese life, that no one else has. We couldn’t help but want to pick her brain on our latest trip to Japan. 

In this episode we covered:

  • Loving Paul Rudd
  • Expat life in Japan
  • Emo phases
  • Finding her voice
  • What she loves about Japan
  • Her creative process

Listen to the episode:

Watch the episode:


00:45 – Introduction
03:00 – Loving Paul Rudd
05:33 – Pokémon & films
08:58 – Expat life in Japan
18:54 – Earliest memory & parents
22:18 – Emo phases
26:14 – Finding her voice
30:15 – Current status
35:14 – Permanent residency
44:50 – What Emma loves about Japan
49:34 – Rural living in Japan
55:08 – ASMR & eating weird things
58:30 – How she makes her videos
01:03:02 – Learning from working in creative
01:11:34 – Showing real moments
01:13:42 – What’s in the fridge
01:15:07 – 5 favourite non-musical sounds
01:18:46 – If she could have a billboard in Tokyo
01:21:18 – Best purchase under $200