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#135: Luke & Lewis are back

By Jordan Michaelides

Luke Kidgell and Lewis Spears are stand-up comics, YouTubers, co-hosts of the Luke & Lewis  Show, and hosts of their own separate podcasts, Memoirs of a White Guy, and Spearhead Sundays, respectively. 

After leaving radio in April, the boys are back making more content than ever, posting twice a week with their joint podcast show, in addition to content they release on their separate YouTube channels, podcasts and stand-up tours. 

This is the second time we’ve had either of them in the studio, but also technically the second time we’ve had them in the studio, together. As you’ll hear in the episode – and Lewis likes to tease us about – is that we never released the first joint episode as we had major issues with the video. If you’re a lucky Luke & Lewis patron, you may get access to the audio-only special cut…who knows?

In this episode we covered:

  • Lewis’ alpha energy
  • Luke’s unexpected style
  • The inconsistency of radio
  • The Luke & Lewis Show
  • Keehlan & Radio Mike
  • Cameo & shoutouts
  • Comedy in the U.S.

Listen to the full episode:

Watch the full episode:


00:48 – Introduction
03:20 – Winners of the comp
06:14 – Lewis’ alpha energy
09:55 – Sprucing up
16:06 – Moro’s are rank
17:37 – Luke’s unexpected style
19:53 – Inconsistency of radio
26:34 – The Luke & Lewis Show
33:12 – No money in radio
36:44 – Creative control
42:11 – Savoys vs. Jatz
46:15 – Biccy talk
47:38 – Bullying Keehlan or Radio Mike?
52:05 – Cameo and shoutouts
01:00:20 – Podcasting benefits
01:05:46 – Start local
01:08:54 – Comedy in the U.S.
01:18:31 – Future plans
01:23:33 – What emoji are you?
01:24:22 – 5 favourite non-musical sounds
01:25:36 – Favourite movies or docos