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#125: Zoe Demkiw of Bake Me Cake Me – Baking for love and money

By Jordan Michaelides

Zoe Demkiw is a self-taught baker and Founder of Bake Me Cake Me , as well as the Co-Founder of bladder cancer awareness group BCA Australia. 

Zoe embodies the perseverance and work ethic of the founder she admires in Ray Kroc (of McDonald’s fame) – who was the inspiration behind her favourite film, The Founder.

What you’ll learn from this episode, is that the principles which make up her perseverance, stem from the many quotes, proverbs and lessons that her late father gave her, as well as the persistence and entrepreneurial spirit her family holds.

The business of personalised biscuits and cakes will definitely be a growing niche in the years to come. As Bake Me Cake Me grows, Zoe is one individual to watch.

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00:46 – Introduction
03:50 – Ukrainian background
08:46 – Childhood memories & nostalgia
15:02 – Lessons learnt from her father
19:10 – Early days, Project Runway
21:11 – White Suede, Visual Merchandising 
23:30 – How her love of baking began
28:40 – Baking trends
32:09 – Living in New York, Satin Ice
35:55 – Tough times, Anxiety
43:40 – Negative feedback loops
45:54 – Advice to those with anxiety & depression
49:14 – Dealing with grief & her father’s passing
53:40 – Bake Me Cake Me 
55:39 – First ever client
59:03 – Growing her Instagram community
01:05:22 – Steph Claire Smith and the bridal cookies
01:07:21 – Scaling the business
01:15:18 – Meeting fans
01:16:42 – Staying true and authentic
01:22:04 – Reality TV and nostalgia
01:23:54 – Biscuits honouring her dad
01:25:50 – The Founder and persistence
01:27:33 – Bladder Cancer Australia
01:37:59 – A day in the life of Zoe
01:42:05 – Best purchase under $200
01:45:37 – A movie she recommends