#114: Talking Shit with Neel Kolhatkar, Isaac Butterfield and Friendlyjordies

By Jordan Michaelides
April 16, 2019


This week's episode is a special for the 2019 Melbourne International Comedy Festival, where we sat down to talk shit about the comedy business with some of our favourite comics. In an ode to Talking Funny, we're coining it Talking Shit.  

Our guests this week included Neel Kolhatkar, Isaac Butterfield, and Jordan Shanks (aka Friendlyjordies).

Neel Kolhatkar is a Comedian, Stand-up Comic, Content Creator and Actor with a powerful audience built from his humble beginnings on YouTube. You’ll also find him acting on network TV shows including Channel 10’s Street Smart and ABC’s Virgin Bush.

Isaac “The Buttsmarn” Butterfield is a Comedian, Stand-up Comic and Content Creator known for dissecting the status quo of culture through his satirical commentary on YouTube.

Jordan “Friendlyjordies” Shanks is a Comedian, Stand-up Comic and Content Creator of Australian YouTube prominence, for his exceptional commentary on Australian culture and politics. He also hosts the Friendlyjordies Podcast.

There are countless gems in this 2-hour episode including:

  • Each comic's individual rise

  • Internet vs mainstream comedians

  • Differences in each others style

  • The process of a comedian

  • Outrage, and strangest complaints

  • Bombing on stage

  • Fast food of choice

  • Shitty first jobs

Enjoy the episode!

🎧 Listen here or watch now:


01:43 - Introduction

04:00 - Melbourne is like Bladerunner

08:40 - Isaac’s meteoric rise

10:00 - Neel’s steady climb

12:45 - Jordan’s uphill battle

13:37 - Internet vs mainstream comedians

18:37 - Force-fed “diverse” comedy

21:20 - Mainstream vs creative freedom

23:50 - Differences in each others style

31:20 - Process of a comedian

36:05 - Guardian angel YouTubers

41:55 - YouTube beef

46:50 - Different styles and flavours

49:35 - Outrage, and strangest complaints

52:25 - Bombing on stage

59:10 - Keeping mum about family

01:03:29 - Fast food of choice

01:10:34 - Shitty first jobs

01:16:55 - The business of comedy

01:21:46 - Aussie vs Global audience

01:31:15 - Offensive crimes, Jordan Peterson, free speech

01:42:20 - Segue: Lord of the Rings

01:44:15 - Balls-deep in Game of Thrones

01:45:40 - Jerry Seinfeld says

01:46:50 - Excited for…

01:49:27 - Divorce settlements

01:54:00 - Morning & evening routines

01:57:15 - Favourite quote


THINGS MENTIONED (in order of episode)