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#097: Andrew Lauterstein – How talent and hard work make a three-time Olympic medallist

By Jordan Michaelides

Andrew Lauterstein (@alauterstein) is a retired Australian swimmer, three-time Olympic medallist, owner of the New Wave Swim School and Director of Engine Swim.

Andy is the perfect match of both talent and hard work. Clearly aware that he holds a nous for sport & high-performance, Andy rarely lets that get in the way of a focused growth mindset. When I spoke with his sister, it was interesting that she highlighted his willingness to give even mere mortals like myself the time in his busy schedule – when really he doesn’t have to.

I remember Andrew very well from my early years at the Senior School of Brighton Grammar. Lauto, as he was affectionately known, was somewhat of a god for us Year 9 kids – but surprisingly one of the friendliest people you’d come across. That leadership and willingness to care about people is what his sister spoke about, and was the attribute that always made me look up to him, and how to carry yourself as a man.

This was a great chat, where we covered:

  • Reuniting with Brighton Grammar
  • Why swimming?
  • Talent vs hard work
  • His time at the Olympics
  • Sponsorships & social media
  • Engine Swim
  • Crucial elements to swimming
  • Burnout and how he decompresses
  • BJJ, Crossfit & the high-performance mindset

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01:27 – Introduction
04:33 – Surf lifesaving
05:54 – Early childhood memories
09:22 – Working with his parents
14:32 – Reuniting with Brighton Grammar
17:29 – Why swimming?
18:58 – Talent vs hard work
20:30 – Leadership & principles
22:30 – His time at the Olympics
25:36 – Hindsight and doing things differently
28:55 – Life as an Olympian
33:06 – Sponsorships & social media
34:40 – Training schedule at his peak
36:50 – Engine Swim
42:18 – Service vs retail brands
43:41 – Living on the peninsula
47:53 – Crucial elements to swimming
51:34 – Dealing with burnout
55:00 – Loving the job
57:06 – How he decompresses
58:00 – BJJ, Crossfit & the high performance mindset
01:03:26 – Daily routines
01:06:24 – Exercise program
01:08:57 – Best purchase under $200
01:11:55 – A book he’d gift
01:12:35 – A quote he lives by