#094: Josh Szeps - How to make debate healthy again

By Jordan Michaelides
November 28, 2018

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Josh Szeps ( @joshzepps ) is a TV and Radio Broadcaster, Political Satirist, Podcast Host of #WeThePeople LIVE, and Host of the ABC Radio National show, The People Vs. He also strangely finds dolphins smug, and according to Twitter Trolls, he is both an alt-right propagandist and Social Justice Warrior at the very same time.

From being the voice behind the 2000 Sydney Olympics’ mascot Olly the Kookaburra, becoming a founding host for HuffPost LIVE, and to listening to him on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast; what I’ve loved about learning from and listening to Josh, is his ability to condense an idea - take all of his skills from comedy to broadcasting - and articulate it in a way that the audience can completely understand or relate to.

He said it himself in our interview, that one of the greatest lessons he’s learnt is to listen. In his words: “Listen when the other person’s talking. It’s a really hard thing to do when you’re in the thick of it. Actually listen to what they’re saying and listen for opportunities to relate to them”. I think that’s undoubtedly his greatest attribute and a tool that everyone should learn in our current media climate.

This is a juicy episode where we covered:

  • Having his nipples pinched by Russell Brand

  • The HuffPost LIVE days

  • The “Non-playable character” meme

  • Jordan Peterson and the patriarchy

  • Early years and what made him famous

  • Biggest lesson learnt in his career

  • Being a polymath

  • Where he stands on politics

  • The Intellectual Dark Web

  • #WeThePeople LIVE and its future


01:22 - Introduction

04:38 - Having his nipples pinched by Russell Brand

05:45 - The HuffPostLive days

10:52 - The “Non-playable character” meme

12:55 - Jordan Peterson and the patriarchy

17:54 - Lessons learnt from his parents, rationality

22:13 - Early years and what made him famous

31:33 - Moving to New York because of improv

33:09 - Biggest lesson learnt in his career

34:20 - Being a polymath, bull-shit free

37:17 - Where he stands on politics

50:32 - The political scene now, Trump, China

01:03:30 - The Intellectual Dark Web

01:06:53 - #WeThePeople LIVE and its future

01:11:16 - The process of interview research

01:12:53 - Morning routine & evening routines

01:13:55 - Shows he’s watching

01:14:30 - Best purchase under $200

01:15:15 - If he could have a billboard anywhere

01:15:31 - Most influential book he would gift someone


THINGS MENTIONED (in order of episode)