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#071: Why most diseases begin in the gut – Dr Iggy Soosay

By Jordan Michaelides

Dr Iggy Soosay ( @IggySoosay ) is a GP, former Chairman of the Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine, Lecturer and Member of the RACGP-AIMA working party on Complementary Medicine. Iggy is an Integrative/Functional Medical Doctor with over 35 years, who has led the way in Australia for treating chronic gut related issues.

While the treatment of the gut has become the nouveau riche trend in our Instagram feeds over the last few years with Kombucha & Sauerkraut as your trend products, the gut has been treated by people like Iggy for decades. For me, it’s been a long issue in my adult life that I’ve constantly battled within this strange David (me) v Goliath (the gut) in which the gut is easily winning.

Iggy refers to Hippocrates, the father of medicine, and his quote “all disease begins in the gut”. I can assure you, that for someone who has constantly dealt with chronic gut issues – that’s what life feels like. The impunity of which your gut can react to anything around you; environment, food, stress – largely dictate my ability to perform at an average level of competence. Fatigue, pain, random autoimmune reactions, and impact on your lifestyle are just some of the features that the gut can hammer onto us long time sufferers.

Meeting Iggy has been a relief for me personally. After interviewing him, I took it on board to visit him as a patient. Needless to say, he discovered elements of my history (including regular antibiotics as a child), that no GP would have discovered in a microscopic five minute appointment – as I bounce around aimlessly over the last 5 years, like a ball in a medical “pinball machine” from specialist to GP to specialist.

This is a fascinating episode in which we cover:

  • His interest in Medicine & his first integrative practices
  • Root Causes
  • GP’s, Medicare, The RACGP, and nutrition
  • Medicine 3.0, Iggy’s process
  • Gut bacteria, disease, and history
  • What the gut is, primary chronic diseases, and Jordan’s gut issues
  • Leaky gut, large and small bowels
  • SIBO: treatment, diet, and resources
  • The downside of integrated medicine
  • Worst advice in the medical field
  • What is never changing in the GP field

Disclaimer from Jordan:

Please note that any episodes that feature Medical Doctors do not constitute as medical advice. Should you have any concerns or interest in these topics, please consult your Doctor.

You should also note that after recording this episode, I became a patient of Dr Iggy Soosay.

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00:57 – Introduction
04:00 – Research of what value?
06:35 – How he became interested in medicine
07:38 – Lessons learnt from his parents
09:03 – How he began practising holistic medicine
13:39 – Root causes over symptoms
15:17 – Medicare
18:00 – Functional integrated medicine
22:09 – GP’s, The RACGP, and nutrition
25:01 – Medicine 3.0, Iggy’s process
28:12 – Gut bacteria, disease, and history
31:31 – What the gut is, primary chronic diseases
34:47 – A closer look at Jordan’s gut issues
40:20 – Leaky gut, large and small bowels, SIBO
44:28 – SIBO: treatment, diet, and resources
51:31 – The downside of integrated medicine
52:55 – Training
54:06 – Worst advice in the medical field
55:51 – What is never changing in the GP field
58:18 – Recommended books
01:00:43 – What’s obvious to him but not to others
01:02:35 – If he had a billboard in Australia