#067: Josh Wade - Stop caring what people think

By Jordan Michaelides
May 22, 2018

  Josh Wade 3

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Josh Wade ( @joshwadecomedy ) is a comedian, entertainer, podcast host, and co-founder of Verve Network. Josh has built an incredible comedy career at a very young age, forged in the pits of YouTube with his character “Cunny”.

If I was a comedian, I feel that my style would be very much in line with Josh. He’s just as skeptical as I am, always questioning what’s real and what’s a mirage - all the while looking to improve both himself and others. He’s almost like a young Aussie George Carlin.

When we spoke last time he made mention of his business Verve briefly, but in this episode we really got to hear about what his plans are, and potentially what the next few years looks like for a guy who’s chomping at the bit to get shit done.

A brilliant chat as always, we covered many topics including:

  • Living with Frenchy and Neel Kolhatkar

  • Organisation and flow

  • His mum and self-reflection

  • Conspiracy theories, skepticism

  • Verve Network

  • Starting his business, playing the game

  • Old & new media, content creators

  • Middle-ground: War and 9/11

  • The Las Vegas shooting

  • Western civilisation, identity, culture

  • The Josh Wade Show

Enjoy the episode! 


00:57 - Introduction

04:13 - Living with Frenchy and Neel Kolhatkar

06:36 - Organisation and flow

09:35 - His mother and self-reflection

12:16 - Say and do

13:42 - Conspiracy theories, skepticism

15:13 - Image and what other people think

17:36 - Career trajectory and Verve Network

25:44 - TV & old media stars

28:31 - Starting his business, playing the game

34:54 - Old & new media, content creators

40:18 - Alex Jones & Mark Zuckerberg

45:08 - Facebook and dominant international companies

51:23 - Comparing social & video platforms

56:57 - The rise of Twitch

58:38 - What is difficult to find middle-ground on?

01:04:07 - Las Vegas shooting, Bedouin tradition

01:07:35 - Conspiracy theories

01:12:40 - Western civilisation, identity & culture

01:16:55 - The Josh Wade Show: what he’s learnt

01:20:47 - What he’s recently changed his mind about

01:22:54 - Best purchase under $200

01:24:15 - What he thinks of in terms of success

01:26:11 - If he could have a billboard in Australia


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