#061: Shooting to the moon with new media - Kristofor Lawson

By Jordan Michaelides
April 10, 2018



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Kristofor Lawson ( @kristoforlawson ) is the co-host of Moonshot podcast, one of Australia’s most popular technology podcasts, and Founder of Lawson Media. As a journalist, Kris holds an incredible wealth of experience across old media brands such as the ABC, SBS, News Corp and Channel 10.  

But entering new media is where Kris has really hit his straps. By creating Lawson Media (a podcast production company) and the Moonshot podcast, Kris has showcased his unique storytelling skills. Moonshot was featured by Apple Podcasts and has reached #1 in the Australian Apple Podcast technology charts, was awarded an innovation grant from Australia's Walkley Foundation for Journalism, a finalist in the Melbourne Press Club Quill Awards, and won Best Independent Media at the ACS IT Journalism Awards.

Kris holds a unique insight between the divide of old and new media, one that fascinates many of us as social media becomes paramount to marketing & PR success. This was an almost selfish episode, having joined Kristofor as a guest to discuss cryptocurrency investing on behalf of CoinJar. The opportunity to learn about storytelling and media production was just too good to pass up.

This is a must-listen episode for any aspiring podcasters out there, where we discussed:

  • His journey to working in media

  • What draws him to stories

  • Elon Musk and time management

  • Lawson Media

  • Building community and social media

  • Investing in business growth

  • Different approaches of podcasting

  • Journalism in the ‚ÄúPost-Truth‚ÄĚ era

  • Better understanding the medium

  • Moonshot: Why a podcast?

  • Explaining complex ideas

  • Podcast promotion and popularity

  • Podcasting basics and resources

Enjoy the episode! 

Show notes

01:05 - Introduction

04:32 - Gumtree and Facebook Marketplace

07:36 - Videography & podcast Facebook groups

10:14 - His journey to working in media

12:37 - Why he chose animation

14:30 - Memorable childhood stories

16:45 - What draws him to stories

18:34 - Elon Musk and time management

21:08 - Lessons learnt from his parents

23:39 - Work and aging

25:38 - Lawson Media

29:17 - Building community and social media

33:34 - Investing in business growth

36:36 - The shift in Facebook

39:44 - His approach to storytelling

41:48 - Old and new media

43:37 - Different approaches of podcasting

48:16 - Journalism in the ‚ÄúPost-Truth‚ÄĚ era

57:16 - Better understanding the medium

59:57 - Moonshot: Why a podcast?

01:03:30 - Explaining complex ideas

01:05:02 - The future of Moonshot

01:09:43 - What he would do differently

01:12:28 - Podcast promotion and popularity

01:22:26 - Moonshot income options

01:24:31 - Podcasters he admires

01:26:37 - Biggest mistakes in podcasting

01:28:42 - Podcasting basics and resources

01:34:12 - Other podcast topics of interest

01:35:39 - Morning ritual & favourite TV shows

01:37:57 - Evening routine, best purchase <$200

01:39:04 - Most influential book

01:41:12 - Success and Kevin Rose

01:44:06 - If he could have a billboard anywhere