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#024: Why pigeonholing political views is dangerous – Edward Bourke

By Jordan Michaelides

Edward Bourke ( @edwardjbourke ) is a political campaigner, consultant, investor and entrepreneur – a mouthful of titles for someone only 16 years of age. As Ed says himself, age is merely a number, proving his stance as an incredibly articulate and rational mind when it comes to all things business and politics. Ed makes it quite clear that he is unabashedly a right-wing – something in which has caused some outrage and will for some of our own listeners – particularly with his support of Donald Trump in the presidential election.

Over the last few months there have been numerous discussions around ‘why Trump/why do people support Trump/and what is bad about Trump?’. People will know that I enjoy the content of both Sam Harris (an avowed Trump critic) and Scott Adams (a proponent of Trump’s persuasion ability). My own opinion is that we need to break down these partisan walls and understand the human across the aisle. It’s absolutely bizarre to me that in this modern Western world, there is now a razor’s edge between the alt-right and regressive left. To agree with one on a topic, firmly puts you in that camp and draws mock outrage from the other side. And so it’s in this conversation that you realise that it’s not the label that matters, but the contents.

Some may disagree with his views, but you’ll probably find that some, seem quite rational (depending on your politics). I hope you are able to appreciate the conversation as much as I did, and admire the level headedness of this young man.

My points of discussion include:

  • What got him interested in politics
  • The reality of voicing one’s opinion 
  • Economics, trade, foreign policy & immigration
  • Getting rid of the minimum wage 
  • Privatising healthcare 
  • His prediction on Trump’s foreign policy  
  • Why Donald Trump won 
  • Democracy, compulsory voting and monarchies

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  • Bio and background {07:25}
  • Lessons learnt from his parents {13:49}
  • What got him interested in politics {15:15}
  • Defining someone by their political label {18:26}
  • The reality of voicing one’s opinion {20:40}
  • On economics {23:00}
  • On government-funded media {31:03}
  • On trade, foreign policy & immigration {34:04}
  • Getting rid of the minimum wage {52:10}
  • On Donald Trump {54:56}
  • Privatising healthcare {01:05:27}
  • The good aspects of socialism {01:07:50}
  • His prediction on Trump’s foreign policy {01:11:44}
  • Trump on climate change and renewables {01:16:20}
  • How Donald Trump won {01:22:09}
  • Opinions on Syria and Turkey {01:28:26}
  • On Donald Trump’s travel ban {01:37:30}
  • On sticking to election promises {01:39:20}
  • On same sex marriage and compulsory voting {01:42:10}
  • Monarchies vs. republics {01:47:27}
  • Favourite resources or books {01:53:16}
  • Morning rituals, and not meditating {02:00:27}
  • If he were to do a TED talk {02:01:49}
  • On being against censorship in schools {02:02:36}
  • If he could have a billboard anywhere {02:05:16}