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#019: Creating stories with the Cool Wine Guy – Jordy Kay

By Jordan Michaelides

Jordy Kay is an organic winemaker growing his own grapes with his vineyard Chevre Wines, located in the beautiful Otway Ranges. We were lucky enough to visit him down at Barongarook and get a tour of his set up which includes his cabin, cellar and vines.

Jordy has an emphasis on not taking life too seriously, which I think would give a lot of us perspective by seeing how he’s pursued his lifelong passion of making wine. I think the greatest lesson learnt in this podcast, is that giving your all is what’s required in making a great product. For Jordy, this means creating a beautiful bottle of wine to open and accompany with good stories.

From his extensive travel, to his brief stint in modelling (of which he now laughs at), at the end of the day Jordy is a humble grape-grower from the Mornington Peninsula – personified by his motto “Don’t be a dick”.

From the process of biodynamic setups to dad jokes, we also covered:

  • Leaving school to pursue wine
  • Organic vs ‘normal’ processes
  • Learning from Gary Mills at Jamsheed
  • Unintentionally running a lean business
  • Advice to prospective winemakers

Listen to the episode


  • Bio and background {05:30}
  • The Mornington Peninsula and working at Foxeys Hangout {08:15}
  • Leaving school to pursue wine {11:20}
  • Lessons learnt from his parents {15:12}
  • Working in Europe & a brief stint at modelling {17:00}
  • Starting a wine label in Portugal: Vasco’s Mistress {20:45}
  • Lessons learnt from Vasco’s to Chevre {25:10}
  • Chevre wines – organic vs ‘normal’ processes {26:20}
  • How to select the right wine {37:40}
  • Local winemakers to look out for {41:14}
  • Learning from Gary Mills at Jamsheed {44:13}
  • The process of growing and making organic wine {45:56}
  • Unintentionally running a lean business {50:15}
  • Advice to prospective winemakers {56:36}
  • If he had a million bucks to train wine newbies {59:33}
  • Apparent failures that have turned into a success {01:00:55}
  • Morning rituals {01:06:50}
  • Dad jokes and Love Actually {01:08:25}
  • If he could do a TEDx talk on something other than wine {01:10:07}
  • Best purchase under $200 {01:10:28}
  • Most influential book he’s read {01:12:04}
  • If he had a billboard anywhere, what would it have on it? {01:14:27}
  • What insight about life seems obvious to him but not to others? {01:15:28}