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Luke Kidgell - How to become a certified Memelord

Jordan Michaelides

Luke Kidgell ( @lukekidgell)  is a Stand-up Comic, YouTuber, Co-Host of Luke & Lewis on Fox101.9, Host of the Memoirs of a White Guy Podcast and probably one of the smartest Meme Connoisseur’s in Australia. This Tambourine Master is probably the most talented comedian I know when it comes to propagating an idea across culture.

From the viral “You don’t own me” meme to his newest attack on Space Pineapple Zooper Dooper’s, Luke has a unique talent in knowing how to successfully push an idea across the zeitgeist. While he thinks his comedy is “just shit memes” and a sprinkle of talent, I believe - like his radio co-host Lewis - he is by far one of the hardest working comics in the game.

This guy only started creating comedy around 18 years of age, much later than any other comic I’ve interviewed before. Add in his tireless work ethic to that unique talent and you have a comedian that is uniquely placed to spread brilliant memes in our lives.

This is a great discussion where we talk about:

  • Reece Mastin
  • Memes, including “You don’t own me”
  • Viral videos & social media
  • Growing up in Diamond Creek
  • The brand of Luke Kidgell
  • Disrupting radio with Lewis

Listen to the episode

Watch the episode: 


01:34 - Introduction
04:34 - Icebreaker
05:15 - Reece Mastin
09:08 - Memes, Aussie comedy
15:35 - High school gags
17:20 - “You don’t own me” meme
25:04 - “Make Blading Great Again”
27:05 - Viral videos & social media
33:50 - Wikipedia, Amy Shark
36:43 - Growing up in Diamond Creek
39:48 - Looking older than you are
46:50 - What he wanted to be growing up
55:49 - Work ethic & process
01:00:50 - Old guard vs new media
01:03:08 - Current schedule
01:05:02 - The brand of Luke Kidgell
01:16:14 - Disrupting radio with Lewis
01:21:05 - In-jokes
01:23:53 - Pranking radio bosses
01:26:32 - Morning & evening routines
01:27:08 - Best purchase under $200
01:27:27 - A book he would gift
01:27:50 - If he could have a billboard anywhere
01:28:25 - A quote he lives by