The Uncommon podcast is designed to build your knowledge, skills, processes, tools, and mindset, which will ultimately make both you and I, better individuals

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"If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail" - Abraham Maslow

The Uncommon Podcast is a business, investing & self-improvement podcast, with the goal of improving your worldly wisdom.

Past guests have included Venture Capitalists, Entrepreneurs, Chefs, Restaurant Owners, Body Builders, Strength Coaches, Activists, Winemakers, Filmmakers and many more areas of society.

Each episode I look to deconstruct and understand what makes the guest unique while trying to unpack tools, tactics or tricks that we can all use in our lives. 

Guests enjoy the show because it is long-form, friendly and open - allowing them the time to become more introspective. 

My co-founder Lauren and I have enjoyed building this unique group of people. It's taken a lot of blood sweat and tears. You can find all links to listen via Apple Podcasts and other platforms below. If you enjoy an episode, please do leave a review with your feedback.

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Episode index with show notes

066: Young, fast and remote with Adam Stone

065: How Antifa and ideology cabbages the mind - Shayne Hunter

064: Nostalgic for the future with Nic Hodges

063: Jordan Shanks (Friendlyjordies) - The Importance of Being Rational

062: Dr Peter Brukner OAM - Turning the food pyramid upside-down

061: Shooting to the moon with new media - Kristofor Lawson

060: The Life Cykel of urban farming - Ryan Creed

059: Jeff Kennett AC - Beyond the politics

058: Blood, Sweat and Paint: Making it as an Artist - Danielle Weber

057: When Crypto & Psychiatry Meet - Dr Prash Puspanathan

056: Ed Husic MP: The good sport of politics

055: Changing the way we think of food - Geert Hendrix of Farmwall

054: Delving into digital drugs with Dr Monica Barratt

053: Learning & thinking like an entrepreneur - Michelle Bourke

052: The Semi-Regular Show with Michael Jayaranjan & Lauren Lopatko

051: The art of pole dancing - Lauren Pei-Lee

050: Creating an iconic fashion brand with Kim Michaelides

049: Building business and selling local with Michael Jankie

048: Tasting notes and inspirational quotes with Justin Dry of Vinomofo

047: Creating The Startup Playbook - Rohit Bhargava

046: Learning how to write with Oliver Phisher

045: Being a good journalist is harder than you think - Claire Connelly

044: Flying like a millionaire with The Points Whisperer - Steve Hui

043: Criminology: its not just Law & Order - Dr James Martin

042: Looking to the sky with VC Elaine Stead

041: Making hay with short stays - Seb Lindner

040: Josh Wade: Sometimes you have to do things, that you don’t want to do

039: Philip Dalidakis MP: Working hard is a public service 

038: Jordan Shanks (Friendlyjordies): Articulating through comedy is a craft

037: Getting personal with finance - Adrian Stone

036: Tom Ballard: Why political debate needs more comedians

035: How to get to better health with Jessica Curl

034: How facts ruin a good story - Phil Ruthven AM

033: The Semi-Regular Show: Self improving with Michael Jayaranjan

032: Becoming a better leader and team player - Justin Peckett

031: Serving up the Salt - Demography & Smashed Avocado - Bernard Salt AM

030: Growing a multi-million dollar business from nothing - Nathan Chan of Foundr

029: How to be a value investor; read, listen and be patient - Roger Montgomery

028: How to be a good sport in journalism  - Rohan Connolly

027: How to be funny; tell the truth - Neel Kolhatkar

026: It's only a game; how satire heals the pain - Titus O'Reily

025: How to build influence with the creator of #melbourneiloveyou - Chris Cincotta

024: Why pigeonholing political views is dangerous - Edward Bourke 

023: When coffee runs through your veins; a family institution - Paul Dimattina 

022: How to be a better writer; be a good listener - Rita Erlich

021: Looking into the future with Steve Sammartino

020: How to bioDefine your life - Paul Creasey

019: Creating stories with the Cool Wine Guy - Jordy Kay

018: Delving into tech, investments & Amazon with Matt Allen

017: How time plays a part in creativity & music - Chevy Long from Indian Summer

016: Breaking Good: How psychedelics can be used for psychotherapy - Dr Stephen Bright

015: Opening the jar on Bitcoin - Asher Tan

014: Why you should be persistent - Scott Handsaker

013: Why ethics & morality are important - Felicity Mashuro

012: How to create & inspire a business community - Nathan Sampimon

011: How the Man With A Van built a unique brand - Tim Bishop

010: How persistence & hard work equals a fulfilling life - Chris Michaelides

009: Playing with woodfire - Charlie Carrington

008: The art of versatility; become the "company bike" - Petros Dellidis

007: Why evolutionary principles improve your health - Anthony Ross

006: How to make the startup game palatable? Just add whisky - Ren Butler

005: How to build the Business of "You" - Michael Jayaranjan

004: A poetic balance - Tenda McFly

003: A life of humble hospitality - Angie Giannakodakis

002: Becoming the Not-So-Small-Time VC - Adrian Stone

001: The pursuit of improvement - Eugene Teo

We'd like to give a special shout-out and thanks to S.F.T for letting us use their track  'Birds Are Away'  for our theme song.

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