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Join Jordan from Uncommon as he asks the Why on Business, Marketing, and Media. Produced by Neuralle.

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About the show

Uncommon is a show that asks the Why on Business, Marketing & more.

Produced by the team at Neuralle.

Host – Jordan Michaelides
Executive Producer – Lauren Michaelides
Producer – Jacob Smith
Audio Engineering & Videography – Leif Street


Insightful, well placed and good length.

Recently listened to the Sam Wood podcast and the thing that stands out is your ability to just let your guests speak freely and give them the amount of time to do so without it feeling rushed. I loved that episode because it had a great depth and discovery of the guest and provided really interesting insights and learnings about his business and success that most interviews and podcasts have breezed over.

— Ministryofruby1

Listen in right now!!

So much golden value in every single episode!

I love the calibre of people on this show, and how my mind has expanded from listening in.

Highly recommend.

— Elinormoshe

Insight into some amazing Australians!

I’ve recently stumbled across this podcast from one episode that was relevant to my industry. This has then let me down an amazing rabbit hole of interesting people and industries from all over Australia that I wouldn’t have been exposed to without Uncommon. The episodes always come across natural and uncensored which can be hard to find in today’s world. Keep up the great work and I’m looking forward to seeing who comes up in the future!

— Mswil24