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Will Gibb, Comedian & Creator

By Jordan Michaelides

Will Gibb is an Australian Comedian and content creator originating from Sydney NSW, his satirical comedy style depicting the everyday lives of Australians has garnered him a strong following on TikTok of over 1 million. 

Will has been working with Neuralle on his newly released Spotify Podcast ‘Ok, But What If? with fellow friend and actor Tim Franklin – head to the links to listen and follow.

Listen to the episode:

Watch the episode: 


00:00 – Welcome to Uncommon

01:10 – Cinema or Football?

06:20 – Lessons from parents

10:20 – Cocker Spaniels

14:30 – Not being overtly gay

18:20 – Gay Representation  

19:55 – Parents finding out

23:00 – Comedian Inspiration

27:30 – Comedy of Disaster  

30:40 – Rewarding content 

31:50 – Crowds at Will’s Shows

35:45 – Career Evolution 

40:40 – Super Tasting 

42:30 – Pretending to care about issues

44:10 – Rapid Fire Questions 

47:35 – The Nightingale (Movie) 

50:30 – Closing Remarks

Will Gibb

Ok, But What If? – Spotify Podcast  

Will’s TikTok

Will’s Instagram

Tim Abbott (Worthless Twink)

Aunty Donna 

Steen Rascopoulos 

The Nightingale (Movie) 


Produced by Neuralle 

Host – Jordan Michaelides

Executive Producer – Lauren Michaelides

Producer – Jacob Smith

Audio Engineering & Videography – Leif Street