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Stepmates and silly mates

By Jordan Michaelides
Mark Nicholson and Seb Peart of Stepmates

Regular guests and friends of the show, Mark Nicholson and Seb Peart of Stepmates, are back again for round 3!

This time around, Jordan catches up with the boys over a few too many drinks. Mark and Seb go into detail about the reception of their animated television series Regular Old Bogan and they explain how they were approached by One Nation to create the now infamous Pauline Hanson cartoon that has been circling social media and making twitter mad.

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00:28 – Guest introduction
00:35 – The good ol’ days
02:48 – Weddings: dropping cash & MCing
07:53 – Jordan Wedding Tips™
09:54 – The theft of Seb’s phone & Mark having a spew
13:13 – The state of hospitality in late 2021
18:28 – Uber Eats & Lettuce chat 
21:00 – Uncommon: old opener, ideas & Leo Puglisi
22:06 – Modern media empires in the making
30:19 – Who even watches the news anymore?
32:48 – Suckers for a good story
34:00 – The infamous Pauline Hanson cartoon
44:47 – Theories: the French submarine debacle
45:43 – The Gislaine Maxwell case
48:07 – NFT, DeFi & crypto chat
59:19 – Business: surviving tough times
01:04:21 – Show recommendations