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Starr McGowan, Will Gibb and Maddy Spencer talking TikTok

By Jordan Michaelides
Neuralle Talent: Starr McGowan, Will Gibb, and Maddy Spencer

Starr McGowan, Will Gibb and Maddy Spencer are well known in the TikTok sphere as some of the funniest and brightest creators on the platform, who we happen to represent at Neuralle.

In the first ever Neuralle Talent round table, we discuss their creative processes, how they started on TikTok, their comedic idols, and heaps more! If you’re a super fan of any of them, do not miss this episode!

Listen to the episode:

Watch the episode: 


00:10 – Welcome to Uncommon
00:28 – Guest introductions
01:00 – Earliest funny memory
04:35 – Principles from their parents
06:32 – Siblings
10:48 – Childhood aspirations & uni studies
18:50 – TikTok & their content
29:49 – Their comedic idols
36:20 – Their creative processes
41:07 – Fighting with their audiences
48:38 – How TikTok is helping their futures
56:12 – Starr & Maddy’s morning & evening routine
57:28 – Starr & Maddy’s best purchase under $200


Host – Jordan Michaelides
Executive Producer – Lauren Lopatko
Associate Producer – Jacob Smith
Audio Engineering – Jason Barkhouse
Videography – Ricards Lacis