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Podcasting Application & ROI: Are you doing it right?

By Jordan Michaelides
Jordan TikTok Podcast

Podcast application is crucial to getting return on investment.

Two of the most common questions we get by those who are interested in doing podcasts for their businesses are:

“What should we talk about?”


“What can we expect in return for doing this?”

Well, if you also have those questions, read on and find the answers you’ve been looking for.

It’s all about Application

Figuring out how long your podcast should be – and what tone of voice your podcast should carry – can be a very tricky and daunting task.

As demonstrated above, you need to be careful in your consideration of what is appropriate depending on the application your podcast is for.

For example, our in-house podcast Uncommon is a conversation between professionals in different types of industries. Therefore, the show carries a more casual tone of voice and goes for a longer period of time. Not to mention the show is meant to be considered entertainment.

Such a production could be contrasted by a podcast that a firm intends to use as part of their internal comms strategy. It should be casual in tone, but also shorter in length, so employees can keep up to date in a short amount of time to remain productive.

“Podcasts create authority and trust”

Jordan Michaelides
Managing Director, Neuralle

Return on Investment

With application sorted, you’re probably still left wondering about Return On Investment.

Much like when Gary Vaynerchuk asked “What’s the ROI of your mother?”, this is a very tricky question to answer. It’s everything, but it’s hard to point to what exactly the return is.

So what’s your best bet? We recommend choosing 3-5 metrics over broad categories including our favourites of Listenership, Bounce Rates, Video Views, Meetings and Reach.

An anecdote to convince you

Our resident podcast enthusiast and Associate Producer, Jacob, is a great example of the power of podcasts.

Jacob has bought merchandise from podcasters on more than one occasion.

On both occasions, both shows had hosts that had other public outlets. But it wasn’t until he was invested in listening to every episode, that Jacob was convinced to purchase merchandise from the shows’ creators.

If this story is emblematic of anything, it’s that podcasts build trust and authority amongst listeners.

What do you think?


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