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Jeff van de Zandt of Workshop Creative & TikTok content creator

By Jordan Michaelides
Jeff van de Zandt of Workshop Creative and TikTok content creator

Jeff van de Zandt is a creative through and through: graphic designer by trade, Co-Owner and Director of Workshop Creative: a company dedicated to advertising theatre and live shows; and viral TikTok content creator.

Jeff, having worked in large agencies, was over and overwhelmed by the fast paced, grind-centric environment he had spent much of his twenties in. He would leave and found his own agency in Workshop Creative with Ash, his best mate, tagging along shortly after. Under their Co-Ownership, Workshop Creative has been responsible for promoting various live shows including School of Rock: The Musical, Moulin Rouge, and even Disney’s Hamilton.

Jeff fell into the world of social media influencer-ship during one of Melbourne’s lockdowns (who’s counting, amirite?). Jeff originally was posting lip-syncing videos on the now defunct app DubSmash, until a friend of his told him to jump on the TikTok bandwagon. It only took Jeff three videos before his first viral hit featuring him lip-syncing to a remix of the infamous clash between a journalist named Andrew (or Adam according to Jordan) and PM Scott Morrison. Since then Jeff has seen his success on the platform grow leading him to work with the likes of Milo, DoorDash, and more.

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00:24 – Guest introduction & The Milo Incident
02:04 Jeff’s parents
04:45 – Earliest memory & The Philippines
10:53 – Lessons from childhood
12:38 – Parental influences
14:50 – Why theatre marketing?
18:11 – Golden principles at Workshop Creative
23:50 – TikTok: why Jeff is on it & what marketers miss
30:34 – Why Jeff is a managed influencer
32:44 – In-app shopping
35:49 – Workshop Creative: how Ash got on board & the goal
40:30 – What stays the same in theatre marketing
42:23 – Drawbacks of specialisation
44:40 – The future of Workshop Creative
46:49 – Inspiration from other countries
49:57 – Questions: the ideal & not so ideal (SHORT CLIP)
52:35 – Book recommendation
54:41 – Documentary recommendation
56:01 – Guiding quote


Produced by Neuralle 

Host – Jordan Michaelides

Executive Producer – Lauren Lopatko

Producer, Audio Engineering and Videography  – Jacob Smith