How You Can Create a Podcast Just Like Uncommon

By Jordan Michaelides
June 28, 2018


This is a bonus episode for business owners, professionals, marketers and media practitioners fascinated by the process of creating a podcast.

At Neuralle, we’ve built a pretty tight system that’s allowed us to publish podcasts for over a year and grow our audience by over 200 times. 🌟 

The crucial component to starting and growing a podcast is strategy. Without it, you’re lost.

You want to rig the game to your advantage, asking as Tim Ferriss does; “what would this look like if it were simple?”. Doing so, ensures you continue as long as possible, broadens your community base and makes sure you have fun with the project.

👉 This means that:

  • Pitching guests must be simple

  • Recording & publishing must be simple; and

  • You kick it off with a proper launch to ensure sustained success with the right calls to action

👉 Key topics include:

  • Where to start, strategy & planning

  • The overall process - from start to publish

  • Researching & pitching candidates

  • Recording interviews & equipment

  • Post production & editing

  • Hosting & publishing

  • Distribution & marketing

  • Launching your podcast

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