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How To Select a Podcast Host

By Jordan Michaelides

One of the biggest speed bumps for brands and businesses out there who want to start a podcast is: Who should the host be? A seemingly simple, but very important question for the show’s success.

Typically options for hosting are:

  • Hire an agency (i.e. us)
  • A hired gun (i.e. a celeb)
  • The boss
  • An extroverted co-worker

But who should you choose?

To help simplify your selection process, here’s a list of criteria we use here at Neuralle.

  1. Partnership: how close are they to the business?
  2. Performance: how animated are they in their speech and presentation?
  3. Storytelling Skills: how engaging are they to listen to?
  4. Interviewing Skills: how engaging are they to talk to?
  5. Credibility & Subject Matter Expertise: do they know their stuff & do others know that?
  6. Audience: are they a fit for your target audience?

Take each of those six categories, rated out of five, and whoever scores the highest overall is now your new host for your brand new podcast!

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