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Frenchy: Comedian

By Jordan Michaelides
Frenchy: Comedian

Frenchy, a comedian bursting out the ‘Gong, is more than just a funny man, he’s a deep and varied individual. A connoisseur of fine speed dealer sunglasses and mullets as well as arbiter of taste; only consuming the best the entertainment industry has to offer in Cobra Kai.

This is a hilarious episode, so get ready to enjoy some proper big belly laughs!

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00:00 – Welcome to Uncommon
00:34 – Guest introduction
01:40 – What is a sunga attack & Frenchy’s Portuguese ability
04:25 – Earliest childhood memory & wooden spoons
10:54 – Frenchy’s education & his brother’s suspension
14:03 – Frenchy’s knack for humour; content
19:38 – Frenchy’s worst interview & ideal question
23:18 – Sports: how American sports are marketed better
26:01 – Lockout laws, pokes, gambling & Confucian principles 
36:35 – The realisation of being funny
42:19 – A day in the life of a comedian
45:19 – Meeting Tom
53:02 – Jordan exposed! Fake cricket fan
54:04 – Frenchy’s favourite comedians
56:14 – Morning and evening routine
01:00:44 – Show recommendations
01:01:43 – If Frenchy could have a billboard


Produced by Neuralle 

Host – Jordan Michaelides

Executive Producer – Lauren Lopatko

Producer, Audio Engineering & Videography – Jacob Smith