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Dylan Buckley of Dyl & Friends and Producey

By Jordan Michaelides
Dylan Buckley of Dyl & Friends and Producey

Dylan Buckley: Podcaster, Business Owner, and Former AFL Player.

Dylan found his love of media during his AFL days after been given the opportunity to interview other players.

He would eventually find a deep passion of podcasting, which during his transition out of AFL, he ran head first into by establishing his own podcast production agency – Producey.

Dylan is also host of Dyl & Friends and List Cloggers.

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00:00 – Welcome to Uncommon.
00:35 – The name Producey.
05:30 – Getting into AFL.
09:00 – AFL performance and self worth.
10:20 – Becoming consumed by Footy.
14:20 – Injuries.
18:50 – Transitioning from Footy to other things. 
25:40 – Life after playing AFL.
36:00 – Melbourne / Sydney mental health.
39:20 – Producey ‘agency’.
42:00 – What does the future look like?
43:20 – Golf (opportunities).
47:30 – Sports media clichés >:(
52:00 – The control of having a podcast. 
57:25 – Morning / Evening routines.
58:30 – What Dylan’s watching at the moment.
1:00:25 – Food / Drink of choice.
1:05:00 – Closing remarks 

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Produced by Neuralle 

Host – Jordan Michaelides

Executive Producer – Lauren Michaelides

Producer – Jacob Smith

Audio Engineering & Videography – Leif Street