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Dr Amantha Imber: Organisational Psychologist & Founder of Inventium

By Jordan Michaelides
Dr Amantha Imber

Dr Amantha Imber is an organisational psychologist and founder of Inventium, a behavioural science consultancy. Amantha also co-created the Australian Financial Review’s Most Innovative Companies list and the AFR BOSS Best Places to Work list.
Amantha’s new book ‘Time Wise: Powerful Habits, More Time, Greater Joy’ Is available for pre-order now!

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00:00 – Welcome to Uncommon
00:35 – Living in Elsternwick
02:20 – Earliest childhood memory
04:30 – Childhood acting aspiration
10:10 – Parents careers 
11:00 – Why Psychology?
14:00 – Organisational Psychology 
16:25 – Starting Inventium 
23:10 – Explaining expertise to clients 
26:05 – Important factors as a founder
29:30 – How I work podcast success
31:05 – Workplace environment improvements 
33:40 – 4 day work week
36:00 – Micro-managing companies 
40:15 – Workplace ‘innovation’ studies 
44:00 – Surveys vs Peer reviewed research
47:00 – Rapid fire questions
50:10 – Closing remarks

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How I work podcast

Time Wise: Powerful Habits, More Time, Greater Joy

SAP Capitalising on Curiosity


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Host – Jordan Michaelides

Executive Producer – Lauren Michaelides

Producer – Jacob Smith

Audio Engineering & Videography – Leif Street