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Dan Monheit & Nic Hodges: fan favourites

By Jordan Michaelides
Dan Monheit & Nic Hodges

Dan Monheit and Nic Hodges are collectively 6 time return guests and close friends of the show. 

We catch up with Dan and Nic to see how they’ve been getting on, their predictions for consumer and societal trends, and yes, NFTs too (despite what Nic wants).

Listen to the episode:

Watch the episode: 


00:29 – Guest introduction
00:58 – A couple of millennials chatting Wordle (ofc)
04:45 – Why Nick was born in New Jersey
06:14 – How’s the pandemic been for Dan?
11:44 – What’s Nic got going on & economic future
31:18 – Culture: what will stay from the pandemic
36:38 – The WA situation & class systems
41:14 – Lockdowns: will we have them again?
44:41 – Gain of Function: is society against it?
49:24 – School sports & Ironmans
53:27 – Covid: the impact on media & brands
01:05:33 – Advertising: is talent accepted now?
01:08:49 – Hiring: the lack of talent available
01:16:19 – NFT chat, because of course
01:29:12 – Show recommendations


Produced by Neuralle 

Host – Jordan Michaelides

Executive Producer – Lauren Lopatko

Producer & Audio Engineering – Jacob Smith

Videography – Devlin Wootton