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Chris Howatson of Howatson + Company

By Jordan Michaelides
Chris Howatson Founder of Howatsoin + Company

Chirs Howatson is the Founder and CEO of Howatson + Company. Chris has worked in the advertising industry for almost two decades, starting as an intern at Clemenger, working his way to being CEO at CHE Proximity, and now to his own new firm Howatson + Company.

Chris has a strong vision for what Howatson + Co. should become: an agency that is a net positive for the world saying that “whatever we do do, needs to move society forward”.

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00:24 – Guest introduction
00:32 – Chris’ famous yellow bucket
02:26 – Childhood memories
04:23 – Parents’ jobs & childhood aspirations
07:43 – Being an extrovert
10:37 – Principles from Proximity & Clemenger
14:43 – Ads’ place in cultural understanding & Jordan’s favourites
19:22 – Brand image and the importance of brand truths
25:39 – The job of an agency
36:17 – The last 6 months: pivotal moments
41:06 – Dan Monheit appreciation corner
42:29 – Advice to standout in adland
46:29 – Morning & evening routine
47:51 – Best purchase under $20
48:44 – Chris’ ideal billboard


Produced by Neuralle 

Host – Jordan Michaelides

Executive Producer – Lauren Lopatko

Producer, Audio Engineering & Videography  – Jacob Smith