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Brendan Gahan of Mekanism

By Jordan Michaelides
Brendan Gahan

Brendan Gahan is Chief Social Officer and Partner of Mekanism and is considered the godfather of modern influencer marketing. 

If you’ve ever wanted to get a better understanding of social media and influencer marketing, this is the episode for you. Brendan goes deep on why he thinks Discord and WhatsApp are the next TikTok, how China is now the guiding light for the industry, and heaps more exciting content for the modern marketer.

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00:04 – Welcome to Uncommon
00:22 – Guest introduction
00:40 – Brendan staying wired
02:09 – Brendan’s earliest memory & childhood
03:39 – Childhood aspirations & lessons
08:25 – Realisations: early influencer marketing
12:32 – Golden marketing principles for brands & talent
21:00 – The importance of niche on social media
24:45 – Brendan’s creative process with brands 
28:20 – Strategy: in-house vs agency
30:23 – Where do brands get it wrong?
35:06 – If Brendan had to start again
36:33 – Next big gold nuggets in social
41:28 – Live commerce in the West
51:12 – Metrics to judge socials
55:00 – Brendan’s ideal question & failure
57:56 – Morning & evening routine
59:26 – Show recommendations
01:03:25 – Best purchase under $200


Produced by Neuralle 

Host – Jordan Michaelides

Executive Producer – Lauren Lopatko

Associate Producer – Jacob Smith

Audio Engineering – Jason Barkhouse

Videography – Ricards Lacis