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Athan Didaskalou of July Luggage

By Jordan Michaelides

This is the 2nd time we’ve had Athan from July on. If you’re new here, Athan Didaskalou is the Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer of July –  a luggage and travel accessory company built for a new generation. 

We last caught up with Athan just a month before the pandemic started, so this was a nice catch up on everything that happened in between. 

Listen to the episode:

Watch the episode: 


00:00 – Welcome to Uncommon

00:30 – 95% drop in revenue 

03:35 – Expanding into the US market

08:00 – Production 

10:10 – Setting up in the US

13:40 – Evidence based marketing

19:00 – Tech Marketing (Blockchain)

21:40 – Travel after COVID

28:50 – Finding good employees 

33:58 – Lifetime value for customers 

40:27 – Supply chain (containers)

43:50 – Australian production costs 

49:10 – Amazon workers (scalability)

52:16 – Rapid fire questions 

55:45 – Closing remarks 

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Host – Jordan Michaelides

Executive Producer – Lauren Michaelides

Producer – Jacob Smith

Audio Engineering & Videography – Leif Street