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Adam Ferrier of Thinkerbell

By Jordan Michaelides

Adam Ferrier is one of Australia’s leading consumer psychologists as well as the Founder of ‘Thinkerbell’, a top agency that represents the coming together of scientific enquiry and hardcore creativity.

Adam has authored two books, “The Advertising Effect: How to Change Behaviour” as well as “Stop Listening to the Customer: Try Hearing Your Brand Instead”. 

Adam’s expert understanding and knowledge on consumer psychology often results in him delivering talks, and making television appearances on the subject. 

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00:00 – Welcome to Uncommon

00:40 – Exiting a Cult

01:50 – Psychology of Cults

05:10 – Becoming a Consumer Psychologist

10:00 – All Marketers are Liars 

13:50 – Childhood dream job?

17:30 – Insights from corrective services

19:50 – First two years of business 

23:00 – Landing clients

24:10 – Why sell the firm?

25:15 – Thinkerbell approach

30:00 – Best approach for small agencies  

34:15 – What’s for lunch?

34:40 – Marketing Science 

38:40 – Black T-Shirts Podcast 

41:07 – Questions you always and never get asked 

43:00 – Sigma Grindset 

46:20 – There is no ‘WAY’ to success 

47:20 – Rapid Fire Questions

53:10 – Closing Remarks

Adam Ferrier – Twitter 

Adam Ferrier – Linkedin

Adam Ferrier – Instagram 


Black T-Shirts – Adam’s Podcast 

Stop Listening to the Customer: Try Hearing Your Brand Instead

The Advertising Effect: How to Change Behaviour 

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The Culting of Brands: Turn Your Customers into True Believers

All Marketers are Liars – Book

Severance – TV Show

The Hidden Power of Advertising – Robert Heath 

Lemon. How the advertising brain turned sour – Orlando Wood

Death Note – Anime


Produced by Neuralle 

Host – Jordan Michaelides

Executive Producer – Lauren Michaelides

Producer – Jacob Smith

Audio Engineering & Videography – Leif Street