#173: James Harrisson & Sunny Gosal on being Type A in lockdown

By Jordan Michaelides
June 09, 2020

James Sunny

James Harrisson is the host of The James Harrisson Show, a podcast where he talks about all things self improvement and business. 

Sunny Gosal is the Author of Bushido Code, e-commerce entrepreneur, and apparently, our first international guest.

We had James on the show recently prior to the pandemic, and thought it’d be wise to bring his trusty friend Sunny along. Together they run a pants e-commerce store, Northbound Gear.

In this episode we covered:

  • Mindset on current events

  • The rise of e-commerce

  • Their e-commerce business

  • Changes to The James Harrisson Show

  • Bonsai & hobbies over lockdown

Listen to the episode: 

Watch the episode:


00:28 - Welcome to Uncommon

01:27 - Guest introduction

02:05 - Heart attack snow?

05:30 - Mindset on current events

15:40 - The rise of e-commerce

22:10 - Their e-commerce pants business

33:55 - Pivoting away from China to Vietnam

36:00 - Changes to The James Harrisson Show

42:10 - Getting into bonsai

53:28 - Hobbies over lockdown

56:53 - Favourite dish they’ve cooked

58:24 - The next six months

01:01:05 - Morning & evening routines

01:05:45 - Books and audiobooks



Host - Jordan Michaelides

Executive Producer - Lauren Lopatko

Assistant Producer - Jacob Smith

Audio Engineering - Jason Barkhouse

Videography - Ricards Lacis