#138: Dan Monheit on agency land at Hardhat

By Jordan Michaelides
October 01, 2019
Dan Crop

Dan Monheit is the Co-Founder and Director of Strategy at creative agency Hardhat, Co-Host of the Bad Decisions Podcast, MC of lecture series Real Big Things and a self-confessed sneakerhead.

From small beginnings lecturing at Monash University, to jumping straight into his own agency, Dan is full of that entrepreneurial spirit we see common amongst our guests. Couple that with running a podcast, a series of lectures with a fascinating premise and running the strategy of Hardhat - you have an immovable force in agency land.

In this episode we covered:

  • Being Benjamin Franklin’d

  • Talking at SXSW

  • Changes at Hardhat

  • Bad Decisions podcast

  • Sneakerheads & sports cards

  • Learning from cognitive biases

Listen to the episode: 

Watch the episode:


00:45 - Introduction

02:53 - Being Benjamin Franklin’d

03:56 - Talking at SXSW

08:24 - Changes at Hardhat

20:30 - Creative vs full-service

25:56 - Super short vs long form

34:00 - Iterative client processes

37:39 - Bad Decisions podcast

42:35 - Sneakerheads & sports cards

49:12 - His wife & Jewish background

55:30 - Learning from cognitive biases

01:01:47 - What’s in the fridge

01:04:52 - What’s on his playlist 

01:05:19 - Recommended movies