#132: Chris Smith of BIG Esports

By Jordan Michaelides
August 20, 2019

Chris Smith is the Founder and Director of BIG Esports, a company that helps brands build and activate their Esports strategy.

Chris is highly involved in the Esports space sitting on the board of the Esports Game Association Australia (EGAA), regularly speaking, mentoring and consulting in the industry. I came across his work while researching for Gerry Sakkas’ interview, who is also a partner in BIG Esports, and was genuinely intrigued by this world.

As a leader in the space, I couldn’t help but want to pick Chris’ brain.

In this episode we covered:

  • Losing reaction times with age

  • The Air Force Cadets

  • Esports vs Gaming

  • BIG Esports & the podcast

  • The Benjamin Franklin Effect


00:46 - Introduction

03:05 - True or false

03:40 - Losing reaction times with age

06:35 - Air force cadets

11:50 - Games he grew up with

15:12 - Getting into Esports

18:57 - Kicking off his entrepreneurial side

32:10 - The structure of Esports

41:33 - Esports vs Gaming

53:04 - BIG Esports

01:00:43 - The podcast

01:08:17 - Daily routine

01:09:39 - What’s in the fridge

01:10:10 - Best purchase under $200

01:12:35 - A book he’d gift 

01:14:37 - The Benjamin Franklin Effect

01:15:45 - Jocko, Gimlet, Naval