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#126: Growing Stepmates TV with Mark Nicholson and Seb Peart

By Jordan Michaelides

Mark Nicholson and Seb Peart are the Co-Founders of cartoon studio Stepmates 

These champions of low-brow “bottom of the barrel” humour are creating hilariously animated satire, with a TV series on the way and hopefully a podcast back after a very long “ three week hiatus”.

I absolutely love these blokes, there’s no secret in that. They’re quite easily two of the funniest talents Australia has produced in the cartoon space for a very long time. Cutting through the bullshit, and reducing an – oftentimes – critically overthought topic, to a key statement. 

In a world where being politically moderate is somehow radical, these two gentlemen are able to sound out what the silent majority is really thinking, with brilliantly simple animation.

This was an incredibly funny episode as usual, where we covered:

  • Status update and their TV deal
  • Insurance & medicals
  • Developing the show
  • The Stepmates team
  • The making of South Park
  • Avoiding burnout and anxiety
  • Centrism & censorship
  • Being offended by history
  • Hate speech, TikTok & free speech

Listen to the episode

Watch the episode: 


00:50 – Introduction
02:55 – Building studios
11:16 – Status update: TV deal!
25:07 – Tim Ferriss vs Gary Vee
27:04 – Got that corporate veil
29:40 – Insurance & medicals
37:05 – Developing the show
40:50 – Cultural differences 
46:08 – The Stepmates team
51:08 – Animation vs live action
52:10 – The making of South Park
54:22 – Never switching off
57:20 – Keeping it generic
01:01:53 – Avoiding burnout, anxiety
01:06:41 – Diverse characters
01:09:30 – Centrism, Auspol
01:13:30 – Saint’s Film Fest entry
01:15:55 – Game of Thrones
01:17:45 – Censorship
01:20:25 – Being offended by history
01:21:25 – Hate speech, TikTok
01:25:26 – Let the market decide, free speech
01:27:24 – Arrested for swearing, George Carlin
01:29:32 – Five favourite non-musical sounds
01:30:35 – Chernobyl, Bob Lazar
01:35:21 – When they think of success who comes to mind
01:39:37 – Quotes and mantras they live by