#123: Marty Fox - Behind The Deal at WHITEFOX

By Jordan Michaelides
June 18, 2019


Marty Fox is the Founder and Owner of WHITEFOX Real Estate , Marketing & Productions. He’s a loving family man and an exceptional deal closer noted for many high profile listings. 

The interview with Marty was quite timely for me. In the past few weeks, I’ve been assessing what type of man I want to be in my life and in the space of a few weeks, Marty’s interview amongst two others really helped me refine what that means. For years, and no genuine reason at all, I had this multi-billionaire archetype in my head. But Marty’s smart approach to life that prioritises health and family first, then business - has made me realise that you can still have an exceptional life and a successful business, without needing to forfeit what matters most.

He’s a role model that a lot of young men look up to, and a unique operator in the fascinating industry that is high-end real estate.

In this episode we covered:

  • The concept of “winning the day”

  • How you can’t pour from an empty cup

  • First ever auction and big wins

  • Why nervous feelings are worth it

  • Starting the WHITEFOX brand

  • The marketing language WHITEFOX uses, and

  • Selling as a skill

🎧 Listen here or watch the episode: 


00:45 - Introduction

03:30 - Attention to detail

04:39 - Dreams growing up

06:28 - Lessons learnt from his parents

07:47 - Winning the day & discipline

12:55 - You can’t pour from an empty cup

13:40 - Coaching and mentorship

15:55 - First ever auction

17:45 - The story of Marty’s first big win

20:21 - Nervous gut feelings are worth it

21:38 - Touch Base

26:55 - Learning to hustle

29:55 - Starting WHITEFOX

37:15 - Marketing

38:57 - The Deal, Obvious, Seals the Deal

43:00 - Inspiration and leaders

47:17 - Learning from Tim Gurner, Gavin Rubinstein

52:19 - Selling as a skill

57:00 - The power of Facetime

01:00:45 - Next 2 years

01:05:02 - Marty’s typical day

01:09:06 - Outsourcing

01:12:55 - Exercise routine

01:14:06 - Best purchase under $200

01:15:06 - If he could have a billboard anywhere