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#112: Courtney Carthy – Why podcasts have high potential

By Jordan Michaelides

Courtney Carthy (@CourtneyCarthy) is the Founder of the Inflatable Regatta, and Nearly Media, a podcast network that works with brands. 

A former journalist who’s worked at The ABC, Triple J and SYN – Courtney has a natural penchant for the audio format, with his podcast work at The ABC leading to what we know as Nearly Media today.

Nearly Media is one of the clear leaders in the new and emerging space of podcasts in Australia. Like our former guest Claire Tonti (CEO, Planet Broadcasting), I really wanted the opportunity to pick Courtney’s brain, understanding where he believes the industry will be going and what makes a brilliant podcast.

This was a great episode, where we covered:

  • The Inflatable Regatta
  • Why he got into media
  • Nearly Media
  • The iTunes algorithm
  • Strategy for 2019 and beyond
  • The potential of branded podcasts
  • Commonalities in good content
  • How to market podcasts

Listen to the episode

Watch the episode: 


01:27 – Introduction
04:00 – Inflatable Regatta
09:05 – Early career & family
13:13 – Why he got into media
16:32 – Quick engagements
21:02 – Ancestors & genetics
27:04 – Cybersecurity & cryptocurrency
33:56 – Nearly Media
39:40 – iTunes algorithm & publishing times
45:59 – Strategy for 2019 and beyond
48:06 – The potential for branded podcasts
56:35 – Placard Media merge and demerge
01:00:40 – Commonalities in good content
01:04:30 – Good marketing
01:08:09 – The future of Nearly and podcasts
01:17:11 – Daily routine
01:18:18 – Book recommendations
01:19:23 – If he could have a billboard anywhere