#111: Gerry Sakkas, When Work is Play at PlaySide Studios

By Jordan Michaelides
March 26, 2019


Gerry Sakkas is the CEO of PlaySide Studios, the largest app and games company in Australia.

This Big Friendly Giant, with his fear of sharks and flying, is running one of the most fascinating bootstrapped companies in Australia.

In the past, I’ve spoken about how transformative not just gaming but also AR will be to the way we consume media and entertainment in the next two to three years. We see examples in everyday life from Fortnite to Pokemon Go, with a pair of Apple Glasses expected very soon. I believe Playside Studios is in the greatest position to take hold of this change in computing.

Gerry’s humble attitude and work ethic are at odds with a tech industry always looking for superstars to dish out ‘hustle porn’. In Gerry, you won't find a promoter, but an individual who leads by example - backed up by his partner in crime, Suzie.

This was a great episode where we covered:

  • Principles, work ethic & family

  • Early years of business & how he got into gaming

  • The influence of his wife Suzie Sakkas

  • PlaySide Studios & its business model

  • How AR, AR glasses & Apple will change computing

  • Keep It Cleaner, and the Banta app

  • Lessons learned from marketing genius’ Steph Claire Smith & Laura Henshaw

Apologies for anyone watching the video on YouTube, unfortunately, we had an issue on Gerry’s camera after the 20 minute mark. We promise it won’t happen again!

Enjoy the episode!


01:40 - Introduction

04:39 - Fear of flying & sharks

07:00 - Personality trait that’s helped him the most

10:42 - Work ethic & family

15:33 - Self-learning

19:15 - Getting into gaming

21:42 - The catalyst to his career

23:39 - Early years of business

30:52 - Suzie Sakkas

35:29 - PlaySide Studios

36:55 - Keep It Cleaner, Banta

40:07 - AR Dragon

43:16 - The business model

46:21 - AR glasses & Apple

49:38 - Steph Smith & Laura Henshaw

54:42 - Brand launch coming soon

57:19 - Daily routine

01:01:37 - Best purchase under $200

01:02:48 - If he could have a billboard in Australia


THINGS MENTIONED (in order of episode)