#098: When tech and medicine combine - talking biotech & neuroscience with Dr Hon Weng Chong

By Jordan Michaelides
December 27, 2018

Hon 2
Image: Hon with Co-Founder Andrew Lin of CliniCloud

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Dr Hon Weng Chong ( @dr1337 ) is the CEO of CCLabs.ai, Co-Founder of CliniCloud, and Research Fellow at the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute.

When I originally set out to create Neuralle, I had these grand ideas of creating this new movement of self-improvement backed by Neuroscience and Behavioural Psychology. Hence, the name Neuralle is really just “neural” in Danish (and Italian!). So when my friend Zhoe introduced me to Hon, I immediately booked him in, so I could get the opportunity to give you a run-through of this new and exciting area of Neural Computing.

Now I don’t know about you, but when I was a kid, I had this super intelligent yet uniquely outgoing friend. The type of person that would humbly showcase their intelligence with some domination of a game, or solving of a complex schoolyard problem, yet carry on jumping bike ramps at the very next moment. To me, Hon is that type of guy.

The type of guy that convinces his top-tier private school to change its entire IT operating infrastructure. The type of guy that decides to casually pivot into Neural Computing, and can raise capital on Tinder.

What Hon is building with CCLabs is incredibly exciting, the type of machine that can help exponentially grow experimentation in the field of Neuroscience and Neural Computing. A Neuroscience wet-lab as a service, literally Amazon Web Services for Neuroscience.

This is a great introduction to the fields of AI and Neural Computing where we covered:

  • Tinder for raising capital

  • Why he got into medicine

  • CliniCloud and the products

  • CCLabs, its services and business model

  • Brains as CPUs - Neural Computing

  • Consciousness vs intelligence

  • How to keep a neuron alive

  • Free Energy Principle

  • Informatics

  • Training AI to learn poker


01:23 - Introduction

05:12 - New office space

08:15 - Tinder for raising capital

14:05 - Working on StethoCloud

18:05 - Pivoting to AI: CCLabs

20:00 - Making apps for doctors

20:58 - Why he got into medicine

23:05 - Early tech curiosity

27:59 - Parents’ background and lessons

30:13 - Managing time between his companies

32:39 - Tech for health with GenV

38:48 - CliniCloud and the products

42:10 - The importance of the FDA

44:23 - CCLabs and its products

45:40 - How a CPU works, Quantum Computing

48:10 - Brains as CPUs - Neural Computing

53:30 - Consciousness vs intelligence

54:25 - How to keep a neuron alive

56:26 - CCLabs’ business model and funding

01:03:03 - Free Energy Principle

01:06:00 - Informatics

01:09:01 - Resources for learning

01:13:25 - Concerns for AI applications

01:15:27 - Training AI to learn poker

01:16:16 - Morning and evening rituals

01:16:47 - Best purchase under $200

01:17:25 - Who he thinks of when he hears “success”


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