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#092: Reinventing trust with cryptocurrency – Rupert Hackett

By Jordan Michaelides

Rupert Hackett ( @ruperth ) is the CEO of, Director at the Australia Digital Commerce Association, while also an Advisor to Apollo Capital and Caleb & Brown. Rupert is probably one of the most active industry leaders for digital assets in Australia.

Like the meteoric rise of digital currencies itself, Rupert has leapt forward in his leadership across the industry in multiple positions and opinions, on topics focused around industry governance, services and technical developments.

The reality is that digital currencies are no longer an idea, the status quo of your slow as a snail financial services is largely coming to an end. Leaders like Rupert in the FinTech space, whether it be crypto or other are gradually creeping forward. Money is the societal lubricant that keeps us all so willing to cooperate with complete and utter strangers. Therefore, it’s your duty to stay up to date and understand the principles and ideas of people like Rupert – so you can also understand how cryptocurrency is reinventing trust.

This was a jam-packed episode that covered some deeper topics on crypto than before, including:

  • Getting into crypto
  • Block explorers
  • Studying cryptocurrency at university
  • How Rupert sees the crypto industry in Australia
  • Licensing and regulation
  • Real world applications of cryptocurrency
  • Social psychology and persuasion
  • How to determine value and reinventing trust
  • Scammers and Ponzi schemes

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01:25 – Introduction
05:10 – Recent travels to SE Asia
08:13 – Background and studies
14:28 – Getting into crypto
20:46 – Block explorers
22:55 – Studying cryptocurrency at university
30:09 – Domains he holds
31:45 – How he sees the crypto industry in Australia
35:32 – Licensing and regulation
39:33 – Real world applications of cryptocurrency
50:31 – Social psychology, persuasion, a trust in the system
57:25 – How to determine value, reinventing trust
01:04:30 – The “Uber test”, early adopters
01:06:30 – Scammers and Ponzi schemes
01:10:08 – What is never changing in crypto
01:10:26 – Morning and evening routines
01:11:58 – Leaders he respects in the space
01:12:10 – Best purchase under $200
01:12:25 – A book he would gift
01:13:21 – What seems obvious to him, but not to others
01:13:31 – Movie recommendations