#090: How Nintendo made chendo - Jack "chendo" Chen

By Jordan Michaelides
October 30, 2018

Jack 1

Jack “chendo” Chen ( @chendo ) is a product engineer and co-founder of Assembly Four. Assembly Four makes products and services to empower sex workers throughout the world, committing a portion of profits to help those sex workers in need.

Assembly Four rocketed to the forefront of the industry with the launch of Switter as legislation known as FOSTA/SESTA effectively banned sex workers safely engaging clients online. Switter was the beginning of Assembly Four’s modern tech disruption to an industry that globally is worth US$186b and historically is not too tech savvy. The launch of further services in Tryst (for Advertising) & Honey Notes (a CRM), underscores Assembly Four’s commitment to the industry.

Our chat with Jack gave us the perfect opportunity to dig deeper on the tech side of Assembly Four (including product development), while also delving into what it takes to become a true stack developer.

A fascinating episode for anyone interested in software devs and Assembly Four, we also covered:

  • Where the name “chendo” comes from

  • High-performance Mario Kart on Ruby

  • Bouldering

  • His background in tech

  • Programming explained

  • Home automation and LIFX

  • Early days of FOSTA/SESTA

  • Assembly Four: Switter & Tryst


01:54 - Introduction

04:49 - Where the name “chendo” comes from

05:29 - Favourite Nintendo games

06:57 - High-performance Mario Kart on Ruby

09:39 - Bouldering

12:45 - His background, earliest computer experiences

21:04 - Parenting and technology

23:22 - Socialising online, IRC

27:32 - Programming explained

35:11 - His experience at LIFX, WiFi

40:55 - The downside to programming

42:22 - Understanding how you learn

46:35 - What’s never changing for programmers/devs

47:58 - New gadgets, home automation

51:01 - Early days of Switter

56:45 - FOSTA-SESTA, laws and regulation

01:02:34 - What he’s learned

01:04:24 - Switter, Tryst, privacy and data

01:10:49 - Future opportunities, venture capital

01:15:04 - Morning & evening routine

01:16:08 - Best purchase under $200

01:17:56 - Favourite movies or TV series

01:18:46 -  A book he would gift someone