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#089: Being The Booty Builder – Olivia Orchowski

By Jordan Michaelides

Olivia Orchowski ( @oliviaorchowski ) is the head coach of Lean Lab, private coach, member of the Instagram Coaching Mafia and known widely as “The Booty Builder”. Interestingly, Olivia and I are also old schoolmates from our early years, providing some great nostalgia on my part.

Olivia’s nous across major fitness and nutrition principles is quite apparent as you get to know her, not too dissimilar to the first principles approach being led by the “Instagram Coach Mafia”. In the same vein of former guest Eugene Teo (episode 1), her knowledge across a vast array of topics is stunning – and continually growing. Her transformation from high fashion model to “booty builder” was born out of her own passion for health, spurred on by her mental frustrations with physique.

This was a great chat with a unique coach, covering:

  • Her dog Astrid
  • Modelling, bullying and weight gain
  • Her fitness principles
  • Sleep and the circadian rhythm
  • Nutrition and tracking what you eat
  • Being The Booty Builder
  • Sustainability and lifestyle
  • Myths and mistakes in fitness and dieting
  • Comedic relief and the meaning of life

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01:36 – Introduction
04:36 – Dogs, and how she got Astrid
14:36 – Earliest childhood memory
17:00 – Lessons learnt from parents, immigrating to Australia
20:24 – Summer vs. winter
21:17 – Modelling, bullying and weight gain
29:19 – Transitioning from modelling to fitness
36:12 – Noteworthy coaches
40:23 – Her fitness principles
46:35 – Sleep, circadian rhythm, shift workers
53:00 – Nutrition and tracking what you eat
59:06 – Being The Booty Builder
01:05:35 – Sustainability and lifestyle
01:06:59 – Myths and mistakes in fitness and dieting
01:08:26 – Comedic relief
01:12:57 – The meaning of life
01:13:10 – Morning and evening routines
01:14:08 – Best purchase under $200
01:14:57 – Most influential book
01:16:37 – Where she would have a billboard in Australia